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Tick + Mosquito Control​

Experience the Pristine difference!

Most of our competitors do a “barrier spray” which is when they spray the perimeter of your property with mosquito control material. When the mosquito lands on that material, that is when it dies. 

At Pristine, we go above and beyond a barrier spray – we spray your ENTIRE lawn, landscapes, and trees. We do not use mist blowers, we use heavy-duty hydraulic equipment and hoses which enables us to spray up to 50 feet into trees/wood areas. With more coverage, we are killing more ticks & mosquitoes keeping you and your family safer. 

Safe for kids and pets, we offer both organic and non-organic packages!

Pricing and booking available online

Tree + Shrub Care​

If you love the  landscaping and trees that decorate your property and want to keep them healthy and thriving then, you need to consult with a Pristine Tree/Shrub expert about how our services can give you peace of mind. 

Have a sick tree or ornamental plant? We can help! 

Whether your trees/shrubs are sick or dying or, you just want to make sure they stay free of insect and disease damage – we are your team!

Lawn Care

Pristine’s custom 5-step lawn care program can take your lawn from bare, brown, and dull to thick, plush an green. We only employ highly skilled and educated professionals to take care of our lawns so, we can guarantee you’re going to get an upscale look at an affordable price!

The Pristine Experience

The moment you inquire about our services, you will immediately be assigned an Account Manager who will always be available to answer any questions you may have.

When an appointment is scheduled, you will receive an email confirmation immediately as well as text messages when a Pristine Team Member has been dispatched to your property.

All invoicing is done via text and email and can be paid online via credit card, Venmo, or PayPal. Of course, cash and check is always accepted as well! 

We truly love appreciating all our clients so, don’t be surprised if your Pristine specialist shows up with free gifts/Pristine swag!

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"My lawn went from zero to hero with Pristine. Whole team goes above and beyond. I've referred their services to multiple neighbors. Easy to contact, easy to pay and always professional. I highly recommend.."
Chad G
Morristown, NJ

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Most frequent questions and answers

Absolutely. Both organic and non-organic programs are safe for kids and pets. The active ingredient in the non-organic program is permetherin. Our organic tick prevention program is a cedar wood oil application applied to your entire lawn

Our non-organic tick prevention programs consists of 3 sprays throughout the Spring/Summer/Fall while our tick/mosquito package consists of 5 sprays (monthly) using a higher concentrated material to help control mosquitoes. 

Just like any disease, the key to saving your tree or shrub is to catch it early! Unfortunately, if a tree or shrub is diseased or damaged more than 50%, chances of saving it are very slim. We will still come and do an assessment however, we can not bring trees back to life that have already died. If you see ANY signs of disease or insect damage, call us for a free evaluation. If the issue normal behavior or, not treatable,  our honest customer representatives will tell you not to treat it unnecessarily.

You do not need to be home for any treatments. We are 100% paperless! After the service is complete, your dedicated Pristine Specialist or Account Manager will email you an invoice that can be paid online via credit card or, by mailing a check. We also accept Venmo and PayPal!

We recommend waiting 1 hour for the application to dry before letting pets or kids out to play. Once the application is dry, it is fully effective and safe for play.

We closely monitor the radar every day so, if it looks like rain, we will make sure we have rain work scheduled for the day. However, if a pop-up shower happens less than 1 hour after the application, we will gladly come back our and re-apply 

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