5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Hang Christmas Lights Yourself

In a short few weeks, you will slowly start seeing the streets around you light up with twinkling holiday lights. Most people see the beautiful ambiance but, all you see is the headache of cords, blown bulbs, ladder and of course, the blistering cold while you hang-up/take-down.

Here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t hang Christmas lights this year, and let a professional (like Pristine) handle it!


  1. Professional Installation: Don’t break out the ladder just yet. Professionals hang lights a lot more than once a year so, they know EXACTLY how to hang them and the best hooks/accessories to use. They have an established system and process that has worked countless times. So, put up your feet and let a professional handle this job for you
  2. You Are BUSY: It’s the most, busiest time of year (we know, grammar police. But it flows better this way). Your calendar has probably already filled up with parties, kids’ concerts and recitals, family events, etc. When will you have time to hang lights? And better yet, when one goes out, when will you have time to fix it? That’s when a professional comes in handy – they will come out and take care of any maintenance along the way.
  3. Professional Designs: Some may think hanging lights is an easy job – those are the ones who have likely never done it. There is a lot more that goes into hanging lights other than the process of putting them up. There is the design factor. Professional companies have an eye for this – they will come up with the perfect and most elegant design while staying in budget.
  4. Commercial Grade Products: Professionals are not buying their lights from cheap department stores. Lights and decor are high-quality and professional grade therefore, you will definitely stand out from your neighbors! They are also built to withstand the elements so, they will last longer than any thing you can buy in-store.
  5. Take-Down Happens While You Re-cooperate: The holidays kick our butts. By time they’re over, you are EXHAUSTED. The last thing most of us want to do is think about is taking down the lights. A lot of us may even leave them up long than we should *cough cough*. Don’t be that neighbor. When you sign up for holiday lighting installation, a professional will come out shortly after the holidays to take down your lights and store them professionally for you so you can sleep for days and recover from the feasting and festivities.

Hiring a professional company to handle your holiday light installation is worth every penny to you as it will reduce your workload, free up more time for you to stay warm and cozy and enjoy your family this holiday season!

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