How And Why We Got Started

Thanks for visiting! We are Jack and Jacqui (cute, right?), and we are the owners here at Pristine. We have both always dreamed of owning our own business and in 2015, we brought those dreams to life.

We had 2 major reasons for starting Pristine. First, we wanted to bring better customer service and quality to clients. Jack has worked in the tree care industry for some of the top tree companies in the area and the way management pushed up-sells and sales goals meant selling clients on services that were not needed and taking advantage of those with little plant and lawn care knowledge. Jack just did not feel right about that.

The second reason was to create a place of employment that empowers, coaches, and mentors it’s employees. We view our employees as our number 1 assets! Having worked for companies that treated us like just another number, we want to make sure we treat our employees with respect, motivation, and appreciation.

Here at Pristine Plant Healthcare, we care about your property and YOU as a person. We are spraying your yard and it is our mission and our goal to keep you and your families safe while also bringing results. If you have been dreaming of a thriving, plush green lawn free of ticks and mosquitoes, give us a call today or,conveniently book online!

Jack O’Shea – Owner/Operator

Jack has 15 years of experience in the horticulture business.

He attended County College of Morris where he majored in Horticultural Science.  During his tenure at College County of Morris, he became President of the Nursery and Landscape Club and interned at a local garden center. As his knowledge grew, so did his desire for the business. He continued his career with at a local upscale golf course where he worked as a landscape manager.

He moved on to two of the top tree companies in the area where he perfected his niche in Plant Healthcare before starting Pristine Plant Healthcare.

In his spare time, he likes to ride his quads, go hiking and spend time with his Jacqui, 3 dogs and 3 kids. It’s a beautifully crazy life he has!

Jacqui O’Shea – Owner/Account Manager

Jacqui started her business career at the bottom as a receptionist for a local business. After a couple years, she decided to go back to college for teaching but, still felt that wasn’t the right fit. So, back to the drawing board.

She started working for a corporate company as a purchasing agent where she climbed the ladder, so-to-speak. She left that company to work for a major insurance company as a project coordinator. She  learned many aspects when it came to managing big projects and project teams. She utilized that knowledge to build the foundation of processes and procedures for Pristine and continues to scale the business at an appropriate rate so that Pristine’s customer service does not fail.

She enjoys any thing crafty and hanging out with her 3 kids and, of course, Jack!

Jayson – Plant Healthcare Specialist

Jayson started with Pristine in 2019. He has been a great addition. He attended Rowan University where he majored in Marketing. In the summer, you can find him outside “spraying the things” as he likes to say. And, in the winter, he helps with our marketing plan and social media campaigns.

He enjoys playing golf and watching any kind of sport as well as sleeping in his limited free time.


Tara – Administrative Assistant

Tara started with us in 2019 and recently graduated from Morris Hills High School. She is wasting no time and starting summer classes at County College of Morris. She is undecided in what she wants to major in but, we’re hoping to sway her into Horticulture/Business 😉

Tara enjoys driving around with her friends, watching Netflix, and sleeping and eating pasta.