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Is Your Lawn Thirsty? Summer Watering Tips From The Experts

Summertime is great for swimming, barbecues and playing hookie from work to hit the beach up but, summer is not winning any great lawn-hosting awards – too hot, too dry. Your lawn could be suffering – especially if you’re not prancing through your sprinklers like a dancer on the set of Flashdance (aka watering your lawn enough).  Under or over-watered grass can show signs of distress quickly including turning grey (yes – some grass such […]

5 Things To Consider Before Buying New Plantings

So, it’s  a beautiful day – perfect temperature, perfect breeze. You look outside and realize how dull your yard looks so, you decide to plant some stuff. You hype yourself up and drag yourself away from what could turn into a lazy Netflix-binge day,  go to the garden center and pick out the prettiest flowers and shrubs you can find, carefully fill your cart with all your new material, get to the register, swipe your […]