Tick & Mosquito

Don’t let ticks and mosquitoes ruin those perfect summer days and nights. Keep your family safe with our 3, 4 or 5 visit Tick & Mosquito Package!

Safe for kids and pets! Organic treatment available

from $95 an application

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Our non-organic tick prevention programs consists of 3 sprays throughout the Spring/Summer/Fall. (April, June, September – If signup occurs past April, timing will be adjusted accordingly). 

Our certified applicator will spray your entire yard on the first visit to kill any ticks that are currently living in your lawn. Every visit after that is a barrier spray to keep ticks away.

The material used is monitored by EPA and safe for kids and pets!

Our tick & mosquito prevention program consists of 5 full lawn sprays throughout the Spring/Summer/Early Fall. If signup occurs past April, timing will be adjusted accordingly).  

Using a more concentrated form of our non-organic tick prevention material, we will come to your property every month and spray your WHOLE yard and perimeter to keep ticks away and control the mosquito population. 

The material used is monitored by EPA and safe for kids and pets!

Our organic tick spray programs consists of 4 sprays throughout the Summer/Spring/Fall (April, June, August, Late Sept).  If signup occurs past April, timing will be adjusted accordingly). 

Our certified applicators use cedar wood oil to spray the perimeter of your property to keep ticks away. This creates a “barrier” that ticks will not cross. 

Material used is all-natural and  OMRI Certified. Safe for kids and pets and 100% organic!



What is the difference between tick prevention and tick/mosquito package

With our non-organic Tick Prevention package, a certified applicator is dispatched 3 times a year to spray.

With our Non-Organic Tick & Mosquito package, we spray 5 times a year with a higher concentrated mixture of the application. This helps keep the mosquito population under control while keeping you and your family safe!

You sprayed and I still see Mosquitoes. what can you do?

While our mosquito package helps decrease the population dramatcially, we can not completely eliminate mosquitoes as it is nearly impossible to do that. If you would like use to come more frequently, we can set you up on a frequent/VIP Package. We will spray every 2-3 weeks with this package.

How long before I can go onto my lawn?

After the spray is complete, wait 1-2 hours (3-4 hours on a cloudy day) before going onto your lawn to ensure the application has fully dried/”cured”. Once dry, the application is resistant to rain and liquid.

I still see ticks! Help!!

Ticks can jump onto you, your pets, your kids, your clothes, etc. from any where. We can guarantee to keep your yard tick-free but, keep in mind they can come from any where. Baseball games, camp, school, etc. Always be sure to do a thorough tick check when coming in from outdoors. But, if you do see a tick and would like a respray just to be safe, please feel free to reach out and let us know! 

Do you have an organic tick and mosquito package

We have found that the organic material  is not as effective as our non-organic material. In order not to mislead any one into thinking we can COMPLETELY control mosquitoes with our organic program, we do not offer an organic package. However, we can offer a monthly organic tick application to help control the mosquito population 

I don't want to spray my whole property...do I have to pay for the entire acerage?

Nope! If you have a large property but, only want to spray a portion of it, we can definitely drop you to the appropriate tiered pricing. If you have any questions about what tier you would fall under, give us a call! We’d be happy to discuss and come out for a free estimate!


We are aware of other “low cost” competitors out there. What we can say is that when it comes to tick & mosquito packages, they perform what is called a barrier spray. This is when they spray just the perimeter of your property with material that kills ticks & mosquitoes on contact. 

At Pristine, we spray your ENTIRE lawn, shrubs, trees, etc – not just a perimeter or barrier spray. This creates more surface area for the mosquito to land on that will kill it keeping you and your family mosquito-free. 

Our technicians are also highly-trained and certified. They know mosquito biology better than other technicians out there and their compensation reflects that. 

How Do Tick & mosquito sprays work?

With our non-organic treatment, when a mosquito or tick lands on an area that’s been treated, it is killed on contact. Our organic treatments are more of a deterrent. They avoid the areas that have been sprayed. 


Non Organic Tick Prevention

$ 95 and up
  • 3 Applications
  • Safe For Kids/Pets
  • (Pricing Based On Proeprty Size)

Tick + Mosquito Package

$ 105 and up
  • 5 Applications
  • Monthly Visits
  • (Pricing Based On Property Size)

Organic Tick Prevention

$ 135 and up
  • 4 Applications
  • 100% Organic
  • (Pricing Based On Porperty Size)