IPM Programs

Our IPM Program is one of our high-end services for clients with a vast array of landscaping and trees that you want to keep healthy and thriving. This program includes a monthly property inspection and treatment for any insect and disease issues (this is a proactive approach to keep landscapes healthy)

Invasive Plant Control

Poison Ivy, Poison Sumac, Bamboo, it's all invasive and hard to control. Our invasive plant control programs are here for you. We will take care of controlling any of these issues you may have on your property. Keep your family poison ivy-free this year and let Pristine worry about the removal and control of these pests of a plant.

Emerald Ash Borer Treatment

The Emerald Ash Borer as a beetle non-native to NJ and it has already started wreaking havoc on Ash trees here in Northern New Jersey! If you don't treat your tree with our top-of-the-line injection treatment, you could lose your Ash tree by this time next year. Removal is costly and will change the fingerprint of your property.

Deer Protection

It's no secret that deer can be huge pains when it comes to your flowers and landscaping! They come and eat every beautiful bud you have before you can even enjoy it. Our deer protection service can help! You may not know that this program is especially important in the winter and early spring months!


Frequently asked questions

Of course this depends on how big your property is and how much landscaping is there. But, our programs start as low as $120 per visit. This covers the entire property inspection and treatment to prevent any insect and disease damage!

Emerald Ash Borer is a beetle that made it’s way over to NJ from Asia. It eats/”bores” Ash trees from the inside out. The damage is so bad for the tree that the tree dies within 2 years of damage.

Using professional and top-of-the-line tree injection equipment, we are able to inject your tree with preventative material which stops the beetle from causing damage and boring out the tree. It will deter the beetle. Treatment does need to be done every 2 years until EAB is eradicated. 

It is nearly impossible to get rid of posion ivy so that it never comes back. Our programs for invasive plant control typically consist of 3 visits per year and treatment to ensure there are no signs of poison ivy or any other invasive poisonous plant. We pride ourselves on keeping your family safe.

YES!!! We are looking for qualified plant healthcare and lawn technicians to join our growing team. If you have a interest in lawn, plant and tree care, reach out to us. We are taking applications from every level of experience. Send us an email for more information – info@pristinephc.com

If you still have questions, feel free to reach out! 973-784-3439 | info@pristinephc.com

Our clients say

Several years ago Jack O'Shea saved our 60 year old red maple tree, which was infested in some moist sections with carpenter ants and termites. He was the only source we consulted who knew what to do. Jack was very knowledgeable, gave very clear explanations and the price was reasonable. His yearly treatments have saved our tree. Now we use Pristine Plant Healthcare not only for the yearly treatment of our maple tree but also for the lawn treatment services which Jack added to his business last year. We highly recommend him and his services.
On a scale of 1(lowest) to 5(highest), we rate Jack and Pristine Plant Healthcare 5+

Carlo M
Somerville, NJ
We love Pristine Plant Healthcare! After over 20 years with the same plant healthcare company, we were finding that all of our arborvitae were looking like they were all burned, all in the same place, all in an even row from spraying. The existing vendor we used said nothing was wrong but Jack O'Shea felt differently. We transferred our business over to him and in one season, the arborvitae are already showing improvement. Jack is easy to work with, stayed within our budget and pays personal attention to EVERYTHING! Switching over and working with him has been a great decision for all of the tree and shrub care on our property.
Roberta G
Montville, NJ
Knowledgeable, responsive, easy to work with and great, safe products. Not sure what more you could ask for! From the free consultation to the seasonal proposal/plan, then the actual service (tick treatment and poison ivy removal) - Jack has been great! The housecall app they use is really helpful - it lets you know and approve the estimate, that they are on their way and service info. You can even pay your invoice through it - so easy. I love the piece of mind that we are doing what we can to protect our son from ticks and poison ivy this season while he's outside playing in our yard. Would highly recommend them!
Kerry S
Rockaway, NJ
Been using them for 2 years now and does honest great work easy to work with would definitely recommend them !
Mike G
East Hanover, NJ